Friday, 16 November 2012

Welcome to THE BRYCE AGE

I’m a writer/filmmaker finally embarking on a real blogging effort. Here I’ll recount my cross-country experiences making my feature documentary, SURVIVAL OF THE FABULOUS for CBC’s Nature of Things, which we’re shooting in Canada, the US, Italy and Samoa! I’ll also document my pratfalls (and hopefully successes) bringing my first-ever book to life: GENEERED, a YA series based on a sci-fi short I sold to Space a few years back. 

Cast of Geneered
Now a little about me: I used to be a chunky, uglivious super nerd all through my teenage years and consequently didn’t lose my virginity until the age of 22. Although I missed out on the quintessential high school life of dating and getting invited to parties - instead hosting charity teacher Jeopardy tournaments or staying in for marathons of Star Trek Voyager and Tomb Raider - I luckily discovered I was gay and entered a world where bullying, shallow discrimination and popularity contests never go out of style. After a few insecure years of pumping iron and trying every diet in the book, I transformed myself into a hotter jock. Having survived the life of the insecure loser and discovered a small taste of popularity, I now apply my newfound wisdom into writing, where I can live the high school experience I never had.

Bryce's Transformation
Needless to say I’m obsessed with personal change, character growth and evolution and this blog is gonna be all about that. As I continue to mature, adapt and transform, I’ll chronicle my journeys in Tales of Bryce, where I’ll recount PG-13 versions of my misadventures in achieving my dreams. I’ll also give Bryce Advice along the way for insecure nerds and geeks looking to physically and spiritually transform into hot jock douchebags. But don’t worry, life isn’t all about getting a rocking eight-pack. It’s also about having chiseled pecs - and oooookkkkay, confidence. Sage Wisdom is where you’ll find my thoughtful pearls on everything from the creative power of beauty to assessing what roles your friends will play in the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 

The cool thing is I’m launching this blog when I’m actually embarking on a bonafide JOURNEY, as I drive from Toronto to Texas and out west to California, to stay for a month as I meet producers, and scope out Tinseltown as my eventual final destination. If I don’t get a shotgun beatdown by homophobe rednecks in Kentucky, I’ll document my pratfalls along the way. Just remember, I AM popping my social networking cherry, so if I instagram pictures of my food or obnoxiously tweet quotes from @OnceUponATime, just bare with me!  

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