Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What to Bring on the Trip of a Lifetime

It's not very often that you set out on a cross-country journey to do some proverbial soul searching and hook up with meet and connect with as many sexy guys diverse and interesting people along the way. But for a journey like this one, you must of course be prepared for anything. So here's my necessary checklist of travel items.

MacBook Air
This is a writing adventure after all. I plan to get up at 8am sharp, write for 3-4 hours, then drive and I can't do that without my trusty MacBook Air. If you're reading this Apple - and I get famous - you're welcome for the free product placement.

The boring part, sure, but when we crazies inevitably get into trouble, sponsorship letters from the network and travel insurance are our guardian angels. And dear Revenue Canada, as this is all research for my work, I'll be keeping my receipts.

Artistic fuel
Some artists need drugs; some writers need validation that they're hot. My creativity is tied to my unrelenting quest for beauty. Plus it helps me get laid. You know what Elle Woods said about endorphins.

Overpacked Tickle Trunk
Fitted Lannister T's and Gryffindor ties to prove my geek cred to incredulous power-nerds at conventions and comic/gaming circles. Suits for the meetings I manage to land in LA. As any gay man knows, a multi-faceted wardrobe for all occasions is critical for blending in everywhere.

Inspirational Goods
Part of the creative process is exposing yourself to new things and cribbing them for your own expressive needs. Some people like nature walks and jazz festivals. I do all my best inspirational work playing Mass Effect or Bio-Shock. They're also a healthy antidote to avoiding the Siren's call of country bumpkin fresh meat when I inevitably get addicted to sexual validation (see above).

Support from my Loved Ones
For those lonely nights in when I'm fighting my grinder cravings and Commander Shepherd can't keep me company (cause I don't have an HDMI cable), JLO's adventures taming killer snakes and Sigourney's epic Russian accent will keep me company.

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  1. Casterly Rock Gold Lions?? If that doesn't get you laid, I don't know what will. (Wait... you are out there looking for your long-lost sexy twin, right?)